Beautiful downtown Amman

Amman’s souq has many open air vendors to lure the visitor.


Welcome to Amman

There’s no place like home.

Riyadh at night

The new fish buildings.

Dave’s Internet cafe — Saudi forum blocked *again*?

Oh dear, the Saudi forum of Dave’s ESL cafe has been blocked again.
And not just the Saudi forum this time. It’s ALL of the forums. If you’re thinking about working for someone in China, you won’t be able to see what their old employees are saying. And you won’t be able to go through old comments to find websites with job offerings that you may not have thought about. In other words, if you were unfortunate enough to accept a position with a Saudi firm, and are now in Saudi Arabia, you are now at a distinct disadvantage in the current job market.

But why? Last time, it was rumored that someone had won a lawsuit against an employer that refused to pay, and that the Saudi forum was blocked to prevent those working in the Kingdom from finding out how to collect their salaries. But what is going on now?

Let’s check the job boards. Oh my, the job board is miraculously not blocked. Imagine that.

Hmmm. Who has been naughty this time?

What’s that second entry there? They employ several hundred people, and I know several of them who are still waiting for the August salary. Looks like not being able to meet the payroll doesn’t keep them from recruiting.

Hot water from every faucet

The other day in the shower I was musing that this is the land with hot water from every faucet. How many times have I looked at the urban skyline without recognizing what these structures on the roof are for?….

Blue moon in the desert

First, another remarkable desert sunset, then in opposite direction, moonrise.

Islamic bacon

Islamic bacon.
Packed in Burbank, California. From Tamimi (the old Safeway).

(Note date code on eggs.)