A new Cohen blog

“I am not protected from your agitation of my heart. I am a bee in your world. I am a squirrel. I move too quickly. I die too fast. Your song is cruel and selfish. You have no gasp to express me. I appeared in this world with you when you were lost in the pride of being alone.”    –  Leonard Cohen

Somehow I missed this new Leonard Cohen blog, Greetings from Camp Cohen, when it first started up in May. The first thing I did was plug in the good USB speakers and listen to the recordings of Darkness and Show Me the Place in the side bar.

Then I added the blog to my feedreader.

The format is similar to A Leonard Cohen Minute, with short offerings of Cohen drawings, interviews, photographs, poem fragments, and memorabilia collected through the years. You can spend as much or as little time as you wish: even a minute will leave you in a different place than when you started.

[via http://www.facebook.com/LeonardCohenNewswire]


2 responses to “A new Cohen blog

  1. FYI: Greetings From Camp Cohen was previously called Notes From The Road. Under that name it goes back as least as far as 2010, posting as the name suggests, from the Leonard Cohen Tour. The blogger is J.S. Carenza III aka Joey, the Road Manager for the 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen Tour and for the 2012 Tour, which begins Aug 12.
    DrHGuy – 1HeckOfAGuy.com

  2. Hi, DrHGuy, and thanks. You yourself have been on my google feedreader forever. (But I do wish you would provide “comments RSS”)

    I see your blog is being renovated, so I will post this here about Dino Soldo’s album that was released last month.

    I do wish I could see Leonard this time around, but getting out of the Magical Kingdom is always difficult, and getting back in even more of a challenge. It goes without saying that I can NOT wear my Unified Hearts T-shirt in this land. Before I left, I tried to design one with eight points, or even nine, but I’m just no good at that kind of thing.

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