Language and other resources (list in progress):
Samosapedia – South Asian lingo


33 responses to “Links

    plagiarism – Harvard guide to using sources

  2. Copyediting and proofreading guides:

    Indiana University Style Guide
    Guide to Hard-Copy Editing
    Merriam-Webster proofreaders marks
    some abbreviations for unclear text, etc.
    proofreader marks chart
    Editor’s Association of Canada

    Follow the scores to classical symphonies.
    recommended (?) Peter Serkin (pianist) and Zubin Mehta (conductor)(?)


    Hend AbduAllah, a Yemeni amateur photographer based in Egypt

  5. public domain Loeb translations of Greek and Latin classics, PDF, downloadable

  6. this was banned … somewhere….

  7. from 5/27/2012

    effective swearing in d f (for S)

    CS 178 – Digital Photography (Spring 2011) course online

    Asharq Alawsat in English (International)

  11. English to Latin dictionary|University
    Univ of Notre dame


    a bunch of language resources, dead languages too

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