Syrian melon

The local Carrefours has melon from Lebanon and Syria. This is the one from Syria, a bit over-ripe, I’m afraid. The Lebanese ones are a little larger.
They say the Saudi government is supporting the Bashar al Assad government. I remember when his father died and he and his British wife left London and the practice of opthalmology to take over the reins. I bet they wish they were still back in London.


Solid ground of the Baskerville

Time to change the font on your old resume?

The conscious awareness of Comic Sans promotes — at least among some people — contempt and summary dismissal. But is there a font that promotes, engenders a belief that a sentence is true? Or at least nudges us in that direction? And indeed there is.

It is Baskerville.


Source: Errol Morris, “Hear, All Ye People; Hearken, O Earth” (Part One), NYT

One Nemesis

This year I am taking no interest in politics, but during the last election cycle I acquired one internet nemesis, someone paid to write for a political blog. Although the rivalry was intense, we never crossed the line into incivility.  Eventually the campaign grew so ugly I just deleted everything and moved on.

Today, curiosity got the better of me and I checked in at the old poison-pen forum.  My old nemesis had attempted suicide, failed, and was now under medical care  —  blind,  but resigned to being alive. It was the sound of the other shoe dropping.


A new Cohen blog

“I am not protected from your agitation of my heart. I am a bee in your world. I am a squirrel. I move too quickly. I die too fast. Your song is cruel and selfish. You have no gasp to express me. I appeared in this world with you when you were lost in the pride of being alone.”    –  Leonard Cohen

Somehow I missed this new Leonard Cohen blog, Greetings from Camp Cohen, when it first started up in May. The first thing I did was plug in the good USB speakers and listen to the recordings of Darkness and Show Me the Place in the side bar.

Then I added the blog to my feedreader.

The format is similar to A Leonard Cohen Minute, with short offerings of Cohen drawings, interviews, photographs, poem fragments, and memorabilia collected through the years. You can spend as much or as little time as you wish: even a minute will leave you in a different place than when you started.


Two lizards

Lizards must not like water, because when I turned the hose on the plants in front of the villa, this one scampered up the wall.

After a while, this smaller one decided to get out of Dodge too.

Odd, but when I see one of the small lizards on the white marble stairs, it is an ivory color. When I see one on the wall, it is the color of the wall.  But these seem to be the color of their  shadows. Or maybe the plants below.  And with spots.

Saudi bee

Note the thorns in the background.  Isn’t that always the way?

What time they fed on honey fresh, food of the gods devine
The holy madness made their hearts to speak the truth incline.
But if from food of honeycomb they needs must keep aloof,
Confused they buzz among themselves and speak no word of sooth
—Homer (see here and here)

Crescent moon

Since nobody seems to be able to go out and look at the moon properly and without controversy, last night I went out and looked for it myself. It is indeed in crescent form and Ramadan may now begin.Image