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Beautiful downtown Amman

Amman’s souq has many open air vendors to lure the visitor.


Welcome to Amman

There’s no place like home.

Riyadh at night

The new fish buildings.

Hot water from every faucet

The other day in the shower I was musing that this is the land with hot water from every faucet. How many times have I looked at the urban skyline without recognizing what these structures on the roof are for?….

Blue moon in the desert

First, another remarkable desert sunset, then in opposite direction, moonrise.

One Nemesis

This year I am taking no interest in politics, but during the last election cycle I acquired one internet nemesis, someone paid to write for a political blog. Although the rivalry was intense, we never crossed the line into incivility.  Eventually the campaign grew so ugly I just deleted everything and moved on.

Today, curiosity got the better of me and I checked in at the old poison-pen forum.  My old nemesis had attempted suicide, failed, and was now under medical care  —  blind,  but resigned to being alive. It was the sound of the other shoe dropping.


Crescent moon

Since nobody seems to be able to go out and look at the moon properly and without controversy, last night I went out and looked for it myself. It is indeed in crescent form and Ramadan may now begin.Image