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Traveling south

Najran has one street, 15 km long, sometimes described as the longest street in the world, connecting Yemen and Riyadh. Except the street goes from east to west. Go figure.

What is the latest Paris “Fasion” for women ?  Apparently it is the black abaya, with sequins.

A newish building, with an old flavor, recalling turrets and crenelated walls.

An older building, I think with mud walls.

Under construction.

Seeing is believing.

Mud fort in the middle of a field.  I think these are the qasr or “castles” for defense against the nearby border.

Another older building, mud again, I think.

Strip mall.  All items of the same type are grouped together.  In this case, a row of shops selling fabric for the white robes all the Saudi men wear.

More architecture inspired by the castle motif.  In the foreground are two feral puppies, a very unusual sight for this country.

The hills may be greener than up north, but there is no proper sunset. The sun still disappears into the cloud of sand on the horizon.