Tea with links

What I’m reading with my afternoon tea.

Tunisian censorship

The image is composed of avatars of Tunisian Twitter users.

The joyful stories about Tunisia “throw[ing] off the censor’s shackles” have largely been replaced by stories warning of religiously motivated book bans. Tunisia Live’s report quotes Al Kitab bookstore worker Adel Hajji as saying, “Now, it is a religion-based type of censorship.”

[Source: Nawaat.org via Arabic Literature (in English) and Global Voices.

M.I.A ‘s Bad Girls video
The song, which portrays women doing Saudi-style driving stunts, has been making waves in Saudi. Filmed in Morocco.  The YouTube is here.

German protest against 25,000 Euro Saudi tank deal

The weapons producer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann was contracted to deliver 270 of its Leopard 2 A7+ tanks. This model is specifically designed for use in urban areas. The Center for Political Beauty produced a video which illustrates the use of this tank to suppress protests [de]….

Some haunting photos, taken by Hend AbduAllah in Yemen.


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