Dagger souq

For several weeks I have been trying to find this local dagger market, where they make and sell the traditional Yemeni-style daggers. Last night I finally found it, and took what pictures I could in the low light emanating from the shops.

The market is not just for daggers, they sell a variety of traditional goods. These are sheepskins fitted with plastic screw caps on the top and metal spigots on the bottom. The water slowly oozes through the leather, evaporates, and keeps the water cold. The rubber tire thingy is for watering animals, mostly camels.

The dagger market also sells daggers. These are belted over a white robe for formal occasions like weddings.

The shopkeeper is showing unroasted coffee beans. The shallow pan with the long handle underneath is for roasting them on the fire. Above are tassels from a leather bag for holding coffee beans, now some of the women use them to keep money. In the scoop, raisins. Below the counter, aluminum (?) adze for planting, and some round bladed aluminum (?)  axes of various sizes; not sure what they plant. In the background and under the coffee paraphernalia, leather baby carriers with dark brown lacing; they still use these to keep track of baby, hang it up where they are working.


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