To the uninitiated, this looks a lot like an olive tree, but I am told it is a sidr سدر tree. This can only be the jujube.

The berry is said to be good for the hair. This berry was picked for me to show a proper berry for use.

More berries are on the ground. The flies are very busy around the bottom of this smaller tree. You can see one of the flies on a berry at the bottom of the photo. In fact, today there were flies all over, at home, in the office, in vehicles, and an extraordinary number in the supermarket. They say it is the fly season, but could it also be the jujuba-berries-falling-on-the-ground season?

As a folk remedy this berry is unsurpassed, and is credited with being good for everything from love to zits. Here’s a website that makes extraordinary claims for the honey alone; the recipes all call for mixing with cinnamon. Here’s a German site for sedr (Ziziphus spina-christi), “Christ’s thorn”, the plant said to be the one used as the crown of thorns, although the one here doesn’t seem to have any thorns. Here’s a site with more reliable sources to document medicinal properties. Finally, this source has research into historical and religious uses of the tree in the holy land for Christian and Moslem traditions.

UPDATE: Here is how the plant is used. The berries are heated with a little water for about 5 minutes, then combed into the hair with oil, usually olive oil. The hair is then allowed to dry or can be braided when wet to give the hair a wavy appearance.


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