Camo eggs

Here in the land of One Religion Fits All, non-Islamic religious symbols are forbidden. Got eggs?

There may or may not be commercial egg dyes available, but I’m not going out tonight, unless it’s for chocolate. I have googled up some tutorial things about how to dye eggs naturally, |here| and |here|. They’re pretty much all the same–clean out your kitchen to find stuff with interesting colors, boil your eggs with a little vinegar added to the stuff, and see what happens. Photograph the interesting stuff, eat the rest.

A tour of the kitchen yields some possibilities for organic egg dyes:

Boiling eggs in the land of One Religion Fits All:
Front: ginger
Second row: paper towel wrapped with — left to right — sage, red onion skin, tomato paste
Third row: left — lemon and grapefruit peels, right –mustard
Back: oregano

I am not impressed, but these are all eggs that have a March 5 expiration date on them, so no great loss.

The ones that didn’t turn out are tossed into a combined dye bath with some old tea bags thrown in for good measure; plus some fresh eggs are treated to various flavored baths.

The rosy light of morning reveals a space eggassey.

Front row – oregano, second row – ginger, third row – BBQ sauce. The rest in the back are the recycled past-date-code bunch.

Now, outside.

Oh, look what the bunny has brought.


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