Ok, 53 women injured and 1 dead in the Abha protests. Here’s what happened, as far as I can figure. And then I will post a link to a truly frightening video of 400 women in black abayas screaming and demonstrating.

Day 1 (Tuesday) Female students protest garbage lying around the campus (the people who pick up the trash were fired.) They are then forbidden to buy water or bring water bottles on campus.

Day 2 (Wednesday) The women demonstrate. Female security attack them with water hoses and fire extinguishers. Male religious police enter campus (this is being denied, according to local rumor) and beat the women with sticks. The women throw shoes at them, take away the sticks and hoses, beat their attackers, drive them off campus, and lock the gates.

Weekend (Thursday and Friday)

Day 3 (Saturday) Male students demonstrate. Many arrests. Students stop answering their phones. The governor agrees to meet with (male) students.

Now imagine you are a member of the religious police and are armed with a stick, and you see this group of women advancing towards you dressed all in black with nothing showing but their eyes….


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