Vogon poetry generator

When death is too quick: torture by Vogon poetry, the third worst poetry in the universe.

Save this link right next to the ones for your Goth-O-Matic™ Gothic poetry generator, your Talk Like Yoda speech generator, and your Geoffrey K. Pullum passive speech tutorial.

This brings up some copyright issues. The Gothic poetry site claims

The pieces the Generator creates are considered copyrighted, sort of, because the words contained within it were written by someone else.

On the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy poem generator, you provide your own words, i.e. “an unsuitable colour for a t-shirt:”, “a word that sounds rude, but isn’t”, so who owns the copyright to that? In addition, someone at BBC seems to be collecting samples:

Your Poem will be sent to you using the ‘Vogon Poetry Generator’ facility on the BBC Online site, http://www.bbc.co.uk/hitchhikers/. If you wish to complain about this email, please forward it in its entirety to webmaster@bbc.co.uk.

If you accidentally email this poem to someone else with the intention of torturing them, and they forward it to the trolls at BBC, will you then be in a position of having to defend your copyright?


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