Java: A passion for perfection

Ordinarily I don’t pay much attention to English typos; they’re a halala a dozen here.  But Java is a huge chain.  You would think they could spend the money for a proofreader.

“Careful the beverages you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot.”

Plural much? Commas can be a challenge even for native speakers, so I won’t say anything about the punctuation.

This one got the punctuation right, but the plural is still elusive.
Finally, someone got the plural right, but the capitalization is lost at sea.

“Bring home a fresh bags of beans.” And “espresso truths”? Is this a play on words or an eccentric translation of something else?

An eccentric translation, apparently. At this point, you might as well stop trying to guess the meaning and just sit back and enjoy the flavor of the fractured English.
“We are not an environmentalist, We are Earth warrior. Protect the Environment. Keep Your City Clean.”


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