This is not a zenga. (see my earlier comments on the Gaddafi rap oeuvre)

Originally I was told this was a zenga, as it is a small road that ends at a group of houses, but after some discussion it was decided that a zenga had to be urban.

The angle of the photograph is deceptive; the road is on a hill with about a 30-degree incline. This is the long way to the houses, up and down the valley. The short way is to have the serveese drop you on the side of the road, then scamper across the highway and climb up the hill, following the pipes that supply the water.

This is a zenga.

This is another part of the same zenga (it is quite long).

Location: Amman, Jordan and surrounding countryside. There are many more photos of this zenga, it’s part of an interesting series of stairways on Jebel al-Webdeh. Maybe later if I have the time.


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