Google commemorates Saudi National Day

Google has a special image today for Saudi National Day.

The regular Saudi weekend is Thursday and Friday.  The holiday will be Saturday.

Perversely, when I mouse over the image, it gives me the information “اليوم الوطني للمملكة العربية السعودية”, in spite of the fact that my laptop is set to English. So I have to right-click on the image, select image information, then copy-paste the Arabic inscription into Google Translate.  Thanks a lot, Google.

A friend identifies this image as Abu Jafan” (?) the castle used by Saudi’s first king, Abdul Aziz to launch his attack to retake Riyadh, but my guess is that it is Musmak castle in the old center of Riyadh. I have some good photos of the national museum, King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre, but don’t have time to look for them at the moment.  Here are three photos of the Musmak fort, taken unfortunately at sunset with poor light.




We decided that Google’s design doesn’t really spell out “Google” as you can only see the “e” and part of the “G”.  The rest of Google is locked up in the castle.  Appropriate.  Although Saudi Arabia does have internet, you this is what happens when you try to access an online Bible, an etymological dictionary, the Saudi forum of Dave’s internet cafe, or even try to translate a web page using Google Translate.


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