Parsing Gaddafi:

shebr shebr = inch by inch
beit beit = home by home
dar dar = house by house
zenga zenga = lane by lane

A dar—  in Arabic دار  — is a square building with two or three rooms. These two buildings have been pointed out to me by native speakers as examples of “dar”. 

This is a tourist police building dar.  I was inside it some years ago. I remember a large room and a smaller room for the head honcho.  They brought me coffee, so there must be at least one more room with a propane stove.

The small country house dar in the foreground with the laundry is occupied by tenant farmers. The wife has a relative in America. They always like to tell you this.

I’m not sure of the significance of hunting someone from dar to dar. Perhaps they only have one door, so someone taking shelter in one would have no escape route.


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