N”aked lunch in the land of eternal safe-search

A search for Burroughs’ novel Naked Lunch turns up the following
“The word ‘naked’ has been filtered from the search because Google SafeSearch is active.”

Fully clothed lunches only, please.

Indeed, “SafeSearch Strict” is not only activated, apparently in this country it is locked and cannot be changed to “SafeSearch moderate”, which is recommended, and is what I usually use, and is what American elementary schools use for the children’s computers.

So, how to find the novel.  I try a couple of sequences, misspelling “naked” in hopes that Google will automatically correct the spelling and divert me to either the wikipedia page or something with the name of the author.  No luck with that.  So finally I type in “novels about lunch” and voila!  the very first entry is from google books where some kind soul has written

N “aked Lunch is one of the most important novels of the twentieth century.

You can also see a preview of the novel and read a few reviews:

Indispensable beat writing.
it’s a long never-ending profane poem.
The imagery is interesting.
Can’t stand stream of consciousness writing.
It was hard to follow, as there’s no real plot to it.
If read as a novel it probably warrants two maybe three stars. Rather it should be read and digested as one never ending homo erotic poem.
A fever dream of high weirdness.

Typing in a few more misspellings yields this curious essay where we find out that Burroughs shot up heroin in Tangiers, killed his wife, and paid young boys of 8 and 9 years old to perform sexual acts.

It’s good to know these things when one is trying to decide whether to use one’s valuable time to read a particular novel, no matter how famous.


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