Got tuffets?

At first glance this looks like a small scorpion.

Then you see the things on the front that look like pincers and it looks more like a lobster.

The thing was very jittery and never stopped moving. You can see how hard it was for me to try to stop the action and get it in focus, even in full sun when automatic camera speeds are presumably faster.

Where are its eyes? For that matter, where is the head? The front end of this creature looks startlingly like a butt.

I am told this is some sort of spider.

Counting the legs, I get 8, plus two feeler type things on the front. So spider sounds about right, at least until I get other information.

FWIW, here is its habitat, an urban area being used for some sort of dirt or gravel fill.

UPDATE: This is tentatively identified as a camel spider, also called wind scorpion, or sun spider, of the order Solifugae [wiki]. Along with scorpions and spiders, they belong to the class Arachnida. The part of the body I thought was a buttface is a huge set of jaws. Some varieties have central eyes capable of recognizing forms; lateral eyes are rudimentary if present at all. It runs on its six back feet. The front pair of feet and the pedipalps (in the antenna location) are used for sensing and handling prey.  [More images of camel spiders.]


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