Can anyone identify this? I’m guessing the stone is carnelian. The letters look Arabic-ish, of course, but they are surrounded by uncharacteristic diacriticals.

I’m hoping it’s some incantation like “abracadabra”, rather than something mundane.

[Click to embiggen, as usual.]

UPDATE: Two people have suggested it is someone’s name — no other theories have been put forward. As far as theories of origin, the most frequent areas mentioned are the tribal areas of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


2 responses to “Talisman?

  1. Paul Rodriguez

    The diacritics look Diwani to me, which would suggest a Turkish origin. (Compare, say, the medallions in Hagia Sophia.)

  2. Ah, thank you. The internet is such a magical thing. You send out a question and one day the answer appears on your doorstep.

    Here are a couple of images of the Hagia Sofia medallions (might this be a good place to spend the Ramadan break?), but a comment section is pretty small, so more about the script here.
    Hagia Sofia medallions
    Hagia Sofia medallion

    [photo source]

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