The enemy of my enemy

The Country Which Must Not Be Named must be getting fairly nervous about Iran’s nuclear capability if you can read editorials like this one.

Despite the major differences in values and a history of enmity, it seems only rational that Saudi Arabia should seek the unthinkable and cooperate with the Jewish state in order to preserve its survival and political independence. Otherwise, the Saudis and other Persian Gulf states will be the first victims of a nuclear Iran, without a capable, strong and reliable ally to come to their aid.

Some other interesting tidbits in the piece:

an ongoing state of war or a campaign of hatred and anti-Semitism against the Jewish state no longer guarantees an Arab regime‘s political survival, we saw in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

If you can believe Miles Copeland’s The Game of Nations, anti-Semitism was a strategy introduced by U.S. officials for promoting political stability within Middle Eastern nations. But thinking of reasons that anti-Semitism doesn’t work is not particularly surprising, considering the source.
This one is odd:

Fifth, establishing a Palestinian state is not in the best interest of Saudi Arabia or Israel. As previously happened after Israel withdrew its military forces from Gaza in 2005, Hamas will be able to take over the new state by winning subsequent Palestinian elections, as it did in 2006, or by militarily defeating the PA, as it did in 2007. Such state would become another Iranian base, threatening Israel but also destabilizing Jordan next door and encircling the Saudis from the northwest.

So the only thing that is preventing Hamas and Iran from taking over the Palestinian government is the lack of a state? How exactly does that work? Especially when you consider that when Hamas won the election, Palestine was NOT A STATE. Think, people. Lack of Palestinian statehood did not inoculate Palestine against a Hamas win. In fact, the lack of effectiveness of the Palestinian government in dealing with the Jewish state probably gave Hamas an extra boost in the elections. When moderation doesn’t work, people will try extremism.

But this is the new mantra. Palestinian statehood equals Iran. Repeat it enough times and people will start to believe it. Reminds me of the old saying that there are good reasons and there are real reasons. There don’t seem to be any good reasons for denying the Palestinians statehood. What are the real reasons?


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